Cadillac escalades its $1,800,000 deal to become the first company to provide car wash services at a Cadillac Escalade dealership in New Orleans.

Cadillac escaladed its $950,000 offer to buy the service from DHL last week and is now making the purchase at the Cadillac Escalaade in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the company announced Thursday.

The move comes just two weeks after the luxury-car maker announced that it would pay $3 million to buy its first car wash from a DHL service center in Atlanta.

The DHL deal will be a first for Cadillac.

The Escalades are already a favorite among car-wash-loving drivers in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

Cadillac will offer a service of up to eight cars in the Cadillac Car Wash, which will feature amenities such as heated and air conditioned bathrooms, a shower, a dryer and a free Wi-Fi connection.

The company is partnering with the car-washing company for a total of about $1 million.

Cadillac also announced that the Escalader is the company’s new brand, as the Escalaades and the brand are now part of the same company.

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