Gold medalists in the Dance Competition at the World Cup are getting some extra recognition.

The country’s first ever platinum dance contest at the 2018 FIFA Women’s World Cup has crowned a new champion in a competition she won three years ago.

Gold medalist Jasmine Moya won the gold medal in the Miss Universe pageant, which will be held at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on Friday.

Moya said she was thrilled to have her name on the record.

“It’s great to finally be a part of this beautiful event,” she said.

“I hope to take part in the celebrations with my fellow Miss Universe contestants and fans.”

The Miss Universe Miss Brazil competition has been held since 2007.

Moyas daughter Jasmine won gold in the pageant and has since been named Miss Universe Brazil.

The Miss World Miss Universe competition has also seen four gold medalists crowned and a bronze medalist crowned in 2016.

Gold medals are awarded to the top 10 male contestants in the competition.

Athletes in the dance competition include the country’s top drag queen Jasmine, Brazilian singer and actress Carla Dela Cruz and Brazilian choreographer Maria Luiza.

The gold medalist will be crowned on Friday evening, the first day of the competition, with the winner announced on Tuesday.

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