The platinum earpiece, which is made from platinum metal and sold by brands like Gucci, can be considered a classic, with its distinctive design and shape.

The platinum ear rings are worn by celebrities such as Rihanna, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lopez, while many people also wear them on dates.

But a new strain of the strain of earring, named “Platinum Kush”, has gained popularity recently and is now widely used in the beauty industry.

The new strain, which came to light last year, is a mix of a strain of Goldie Hawn and the strain Goldie Gold, the name of a drug that was developed to treat Hashimoto’s disease.

The strain of Kush strain is named after a drug used to treat epilepsy.

The strain of Kush, which comes from the KUSH strain of gold earrings is not the only strain of kush earrings that is gaining popularity in the world of beauty.

It is believed to be the first strain of platinum ear ring that is widely used.

The first platinum ear earrings were first introduced by Russian beauty brand “Gorilla Groves”, which became the first to make a version of the earring with the metal alloy.

Since then, the kush strains have been widely adopted by celebrities, celebrities’ friends and fashionistas.

The kush variety of earrings has been marketed to young women who have a tendency to be a little more active.

It has also been popular among the wealthy and the fashionable.

The brand has recently launched a line of earpieces in the form of “Kush Platinum”, which has been popular in the US and Europe.

“Goldie Hennie is the biggest celebrity in the history of the world.

I’ve known her since she was 11 years old, and I’m so proud to wear her platinum ear piece,” said Kate Upton, who was wearing a platinum ear-ring on the red carpet at the Oscars.”

It’s a very different style to other platinum earpieces, and it’s not just about the earrings.

It’s about the people who wear it and the way they wear it.

It just looks beautiful.”

The brand’s new kush-platinum line is called the “Goldie Gold” earring.

The brand is also expanding into the US, with a new line of the platinum ear bands and earrings called the ‘Goldie Platinum’.

“The Platinum Kush is a new style of ear, designed specifically for women who want a more feminine look,” said Paula Lipsky, marketing manager at GoldieHawn.

“The Goldie Platinum earrings are the perfect addition to any woman’s collection.”

“We’re proud to offer our Platinum Kush line, and we hope that this line will be the start of a whole new generation of beautiful women who can wear these earrings on their wrist and wear them to the office, to a dinner party or even to the movies,” she added.

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