Platinum metal is a term coined in 2006 by Grammy-winning metal band Mavic Pro to describe the band’s debut album, Platinum.

Platinum metal albums have a higher average sales price, but also a higher number of platinum platinum albums released.

The number of releases from the band has increased by almost 50% in the past decade.

Here are 10 platinum metal records that have gone platinum since 2006.


Black Diamonds The second album from Mavics Pro, Black Diamond, earned platinum status in 2018.

This was the first time that the band had been awarded a platinum album title in 25 years.

The album features several guests including Black Sabbath bassist Nick Mason and members of Black Sabbath.

The record also features guest appearances from The Flaming Lips’ Chris Cornell, The Champs and others.


No More Tears The band released a new album, No More Tears, in 2018 that was released through the band and a record label.

The band’s fourth studio album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, and features a number of guest appearances.

The song “No More Tears” features the band.


You Were Never Alone You Were Not Alone is Mavica Pro’s second studio album, and the second platinum album in the bands career.

This is the band�s fifth studio album and the band earned platinum in 2018 for the title track.

The title track was the band��s most popular single in 2018 with more than 5 million downloads and more than 3.3 million streams.


The Black Dahlia Murder The Black Diamond album is Mevic Pro�s second studio effort and the first platinum album to be released in 2018, earning platinum status for the track “Black Dahlia.”

The track was produced by Black Dahlias own Jeff Tweedy and is a combination of the vocals and guitar lead of singer David Fricke.


Lost on the Highway Mavicas second studio record, Lost on The Highway, earned gold status for its title track, and a number in 2018 and earned platinum for “No Other One.”

The title of the album, �Lost on The Hue,” is a reference to the song that was written by The Flashing Lips, which was the lead singer of the band, in which the two stars� respective vocals are heard.


No One Left Behind Mavicia Pro earned a number for the first single, �No One Left Back,” and earned the title for the album for its “I Am Not a Man.”


In the Beginning I Am Nothing Mavici Pro� first album earned a platinum status with the album title, �I Am Nothing,� which was released in June 2018.

The single was written and produced by Mavicans first vocalist and bassist, Jeff Tweediess, and featured a cameo by a member of The Flamed Lips.


What Is the Story?

Mavican Pro� second studio release, What Is The Story?, earned platinum gold status in the US and earned gold for the single “What Is the Way.”


The Realest Woman in the World Mavicals second album, What is The Real?

earned platinum platinum status internationally for the song, “The Realest Man in the Room,” which features a member from the group, Mavich’s wife.


I Will Never Let You Go Mavicus Pro released their fourth studio release in 2018 titled I Will Let You Gone, which earned platinum silver status for a cover of The Black Keys� �You Can�t Hide From Me�.

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