The group behind the popular Platinum Auto Group, a new British drink, drink and drink-focused service, has teamed up with London-based online drink company Drinkwell Platinum.

The drinkmaker and retailer teamed up to create a drink in the UK that is now available in London and Edinburgh, which was named after one of their founders, Drinkwell co-founder Chris Collins.

The drink is named Drinkwell Gold, and is a Platinum-brand drink in a drink which is currently priced at £45.

It will be available to order online from December 7.

The Platinum Auto group has been around for about four years, and has now expanded its reach to the UK.

The group, which currently has 10,000 members in London, has raised over £20 million in funding.

Drinkwell Platinum has also expanded its global reach to offer a range of drinks in various formats and price points.

In the US, it launched a line of branded bottled water in June 2017 and plans to launch a drink called the Drinkwell Black in 2018.

It also plans to expand its range of beverage products into other countries in the near future, such as Australia, India and China.

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