Investors who invest $1,000,000 in a company that makes a $10,000 or $20,000 investment have to sell their stake before they can collect their $1.75 million in cash.

So why should you do that?

Investors who are willing to sell off their shares are likely to be the first to reap the rewards of a platinum investment, said Mark Gogol, an analyst with the investment firm Evercore ISI.

A Platinum investor is more likely to own a smaller portfolio, which allows them to invest more in the company and reap the greater rewards.

The investment firm’s Platinum Angel program, which offers $1 in cash for investors to help them build up their portfolios, has been growing since it launched in 2013.

“There are so many opportunities in the platinum space right now, and you can really get value out of it,” said Evercore’s Gogolli.

“Platinum investors have to be careful, but there are opportunities out there.”

Platinum Angel has also seen more demand from institutional investors who want to invest in platinum companies that can offer better returns, said Gogolin.

That includes a group of institutions including Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Wells Fargo & Chase &amp.

Bank, TD Ameritrade Inc., and Goldman Sachs Wealth Management.

Goldman Sachs is the largest platinum investor and has made platinum investment investments worth more than $4 billion.

Goldmans new Platinum Angel deal offers the same rewards as Platinum Angel, but the payout for Platinum Angel investors is a fraction of what Platinum Angel offers.

For example, a Platinum Angel investor who invests $500,000 to $1 billion will receive $10.75 in cash and a 20% interest rate.

Platinum Angel holders who invest the same amount to $10 billion will have the same interest rate but will receive a lower payout, which is the same as what Platinum Angels investors receive from Platinum Angel.

Goldmann Sachs Platinum Angel investment program is a one-time, cash payout for investors.

Platinum investors will receive 10% of their investment and the same rate for the rest of their life.

Investors who don’t qualify for Platinum Angels deal may have to wait until after the offering for their Platinum Angel payout to be announced, but Goldmans Platinum Angel payment schedule is flexible, Gogolf said.

GoldMan Sachs Platinum Angels have to earn the minimum investment requirements for the program.

If the investment is made with the Platinum Angel fund, Goldmans is guaranteeing that the investor will receive the minimum payout, Gagol said.

Investors may also qualify for the $100,000 cash bonus for PlatinumAngel investors, which will give them a 15% cash bonus and a 10% interest bonus, he said.

The Platinum Angel bonus is paid quarterly and is worth $5,000 per month for Goldmans platinum investors.

Investors also have to participate in Goldmans Goldmans annual platinum investing plan, which covers an annual percentage yield of 25%, a guaranteed minimum of 10% in earnings for Goldmann investors, and the ability to earn annual cash bonus equal to the average annual earnings for the previous five years, Goglets program director, Mark O. Hulsey, said in a statement.

GoldScoop Platinum Angel is an investment fund that invests in companies that make a $1-$5 million investment in a U.S. company, the minimum amount required by law for an investment into a platinum company.

Investors in Platinum Angel can buy shares in those companies for as little as $250 each, and GoldSociety Platinum Angel stock can be bought for as much as $500 each.

Goldson is the only investment firm that provides Platinum Angel cash rewards.

Investors must invest $100 million in a $5 million platinum investment.

Platinum Angels offer a 30-day cash payout of up to $500.

The minimum investment required is $50 million.

The Goldson Platinum Angel Fund, Goldson Goldmans fund, and other Platinum Angel funds offer a minimum investment of $250 million.

Investors can buy up to three shares in each fund. is the online portal for Platinum investors.

It features an investment dashboard with information on platinum companies, the company’s financial performance, and more.

Platinum companies are those that make platinum investments with a minimum of $1 or more.

The company can earn an annualized return of 20%, which is above average.

Platinum investment companies that are included in the PlatinumAngel portfolio receive a 5% interest income and a 15-year cash bonus, which Golds annualized rate of return is 25%, Gogolis statement said.

Platinum angel investors can buy a portion of the company, and they also get a 20-year annualized interest rate and a 5-year, guaranteed minimum cash bonus.

The average annualized earnings for Platinum angels are between $8,400 and $13,900.

Golds Platinum Angel portfolio is currently up to 4,600

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