The platinum wedding ring is the ultimate in luxury.

There are thousands of the jewels that have been the property of the richest people in the world.

If you’re one of them, you should know how to remove them.

The key is to wear a wedding ring.

This means removing the jewelry without damaging the ring or causing it to crack.

You will also want to be sure that you have the right rings to wear in your pocket, purse, or other valuables.

The most expensive wedding rings come in the $500,000 to $1 million price range.

Here are some tips to keep you from having a difficult time getting rid of them: Wear a wedding band for one hour a day.

This will help remove any jewelry that has a dull edge or has been worn by someone else for more than an hour.

Don’t leave it on a chair or on the floor.

Remove it at night.

Wear a white tuxedo or suit.

Remove the ring while it’s still shiny.

Remove rings that have fallen off a table or on furniture.

Don “steal” a wedding necklace from the jewelry store.

You’ll need to wear it as a wedding gift.

A jeweler will often tell you that it’s best to leave the jewelry on the table in the middle of the night.

This helps prevent the rings from getting worn on the person wearing it.

Keep the jewelry away from your neck, and make sure it’s not sitting in your hand.

A good way to remove jewelry that’s been worn is to take it out of the store.

That way, the rings will not fall off your finger.

Once the jewelry is removed, you can wear it again.

To remove the ring, open it up and look at the inside.

If there are any pins, hooks, or rivets in the plastic, you’re good to go.

If not, try cleaning the ring with a cloth, a soft cloth, or a clean rag.

You may want to use a soft sponge or soft toothbrush to wipe off any remaining dirt.

You can also get rid a ring that has been stored on the counter in a corner of the room.

Place the ring in a small box, like a small bag or plastic cup.

Make sure it has a seal, so you can keep it clean.

If the jewelry has a small hole in the center, it may be worth taking it to a jeweler to see if they can remove it.

Once it’s clean, you’ll need a jewelry cutter or a diamond saw.

You also will need a small piece of string, or your favorite rope, to help you cut the rings.

The best way to cut a diamond is to use your finger and hold it parallel to the cutting blade.

Don.t use scissors.

You should use a large flat-blade blade to cut the diamond.

A small flat-edged knife or a knife blade works well as well.

You don’t want to have to cut through the jewelry to cut it.

Cut the diamond and remove it from the ring.

Place it in the refrigerator.

If it’s too small, you might want to place it on the coffee table and leave it for a few hours.

Then you can take it back to your jewelry store, where you can remove the rings and store them in the same box.

You could also keep them in a storage bag in the basement or garage.

If your jewelry is on display, you may want the ring to be kept in the box, but that’s not recommended.

If jewelry is left in a box, it might have been in a display cabinet.

Remove jewelry that you can’t afford to lose, like wedding rings and rings with large diamonds that are no longer available.

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