The game was released last November, but its platinum version is still available on Steam and GOG.

But now, it seems, the game’s developer, PlatinumGames, is offering players the option of paying $20 for the full version, which comes with all DLC, plus an extra $15 DLC, all for just $25.

The price is similar to that of its $20 gold version, so players can’t go into a store to get that platinum edition.

That’s also the price of a copy of the game on the official game’s store, which has been updated to include the platinum edition as well.

PlatinumGames’ offer follows the same price structure that the company offered for the gold version.

Platinum also announced a limited-time sale, which offers a discount on all other purchases through September 10th.

It’s not clear how the company will roll out the platinum offer over the next few days.

Platinum is also promising that all of the gold-only DLC will be free, and that all DLC will remain free after the release of the platinum.

In addition to the Platinum Gold sale, Platinum is offering free game-day passes to all customers who have pre-ordered a copy.

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