MLB will start testing players on Thursday, a day after the league announced it would begin using an enhanced, new test for players on the field.

The test, which will be administered by the league office, is a more sophisticated, less-invasive way to measure players’ levels of performance.

Players will not be tested with the new method.

Players can also now test their blood at home.

The testing will also be available online, and for a fee.

The league said the tests will be more accurate and accurate on a larger scale than previously, allowing the league to be more specific in its drug-monitoring recommendations.

In a statement, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred said, “The MLB is committed to providing our players with the best possible testing capabilities.

We’re confident in our testing system and the way we have implemented it, but the testing we are implementing now will help our players to perform at their best and be able to play in the big leagues for years to come.”

Players will be able use a test that is “much more sensitive” and will not require a doctor’s prescription.

It will cost $35 per test.

Players also will have a new form of testing called “exclusionary criteria,” which will require them to wait a minimum of two weeks before they are tested.

The new tests will also require players to submit a medical exam every two weeks and will also test blood samples for certain drugs such as steroids and cortisone.

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