The NFL is taking the unusual step of banning players from using the Diamond Pearl Platinum strain because it is not really the “same” as Platinum, according to a source with knowledge of the league’s plans.

The Diamond Pearl strain, which is being phased out by the NFL, is designed to be the only strain in which the player does not have a negative side effect, including pain, and is used primarily in the NFL’s pain-relief protocols.

Arowanas genetic material, which was found to be a genetic mutation, is not normally passed down to offspring, the source said.

The source added that the league will use the “best science” to determine if the strain is a real issue and, if it is, whether it will be banned.

If the league does decide to ban the Diamond Diamond Pearl variant, the league would be able to use the DSPA as a workaround for players.

But it is likely to take years for the DPSA to be fully developed and used in a real-world setting.

The DSPAs patented gene-editing technology, DSP-RADIOM, is expected to become available for use in the near future, the NFL said in a statement Thursday.

The league is also considering the option of instituting a program to allow teams to pay for genetic testing, the official said.

The DSPs goal is to eliminate unnecessary genetic testing by providing teams with a means of testing for possible genetic diseases, the team statement said.

As for the Diamond Platinum strain, the draft-day injury-related stress test is now the only test that has been deemed medically necessary for NFL players, the report said.

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