Next Big Futures is pleased to announce that Johnnie Walker Jr. has been named the winner of the $50 Million Prize for Platinum Motor Racing in Las Vegas.

The prestigious event is being held on October 4, 2018 at The Mirage Casino.

The prize money is $50,000,000 and is being split equally among three drivers.

Johnnie, the son of legendary racing driver, Johnnie Johnson, will take home $25,000.

Platinum motor racers Johnnie and Kevin Kelly were the two other winners of the event.

John’s father Johnnie was one of the first to ever win a race when he won the $25 million prize in 2014.

The $25m was the first of its kind.

Johnnie Walkers father was an incredibly popular racing driver and a legend in motorsports for many years.

John was the father of five sons and the youngest of four daughters.

His racing career was also the beginning of the beginning for the legendary brand of Platinum Motorsports.

John Walkers first race in the sport took place at the 1971 Indianapolis 500, in which he won three times.

In 1979, he became the youngest ever champion of the Daytona 500.

Johns winning streak ended in 1987, when he retired after the 1988 season.

In 1998, he won his fifth and final race at the famed Watkins Glen International Raceway.

John has won five world championships, six drivers’ championships, a pair of NASCAR championships and a pair in IndyCar.

In addition to being a racing driver himself, John is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

John lives in Orange County, California with his wife, Kim, and their son, Jack.

For more information, please visit: Next Big Fits® is pleased, again, to announce the winners of this year’s Next Big Awards for 2018.

Congratulations to the winners!

In 2017, we honored five of the most talented young female racers in the United States.

We are honored to award three new Next Big titles, and we are thrilled to announce, for the first time ever, that Next Big is also adding another title to the list of Next Big awards.

The award is for outstanding leadership, innovation, and talent in women’s sport.

This is an opportunity for new Next Bets and existing Next Bigs to step up and take part in this year.

In 2018, Next Bats will be expanding our leadership programs to include two additional categories: “Women’s Athletes” and “Female Athletes.”

These categories are designed to encourage the Next Bits community to further the development of the Next Big industry and our industry’s future.

We look forward to welcoming these women to our ranks in 2019.

For the full list of the categories, please see our next big fits page.

Next BigFits is proud to have been awarded the prestigious “Women in Sports” title by Next Big.

Congratulations, Next Big!

We are proud to celebrate our accomplishments and the great work we are doing in bringing women to sports, as we have been.

For this year, Next Blue, Next Green, Next Purple and Next Blue were awarded the “Women of Tomorrow” title.

These awards recognize young women who are breaking barriers in sports and technology.

We also want to thank our sponsors, the sponsors who support our award programs, who continue to support the NextBets brand and our programs.

For further information on Next Big, please go to: Next Big .

We look to all our Next BETS fans to support our programs and provide feedback through the Next Blue Facebook page.

The Next Big community will also be watching to see how this year marks the next chapter of Next Blue and our future in women in sports.

Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting Next Big and our award program!

We will also have a post-season announcement for Next Big in 2019, but no dates yet.

We thank our Sponsors for their continued support of the brand and for their commitment to supporting our award and program programs.

If you are interested in becoming a Next Big sponsor, please contact Next Big at [email protected] or 855-527-8555.

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