Platinum tint is a cool, shimmery color that you can buy for $50 on the drugstore.

It’s a very pretty shade, but I wanted something more in my collection.

I was looking for something like a deep violet that would compliment the metallic gold of my hair.

This shade is so pretty, and you can really see it’s shimmer on my hair!

I applied it on my forehead and the side of my neck, and it really looks great!

It really gives this shade a subtle shine.

I love the matte finish of this shade, which makes it look much more wearable and less harsh.

This is definitely one of the prettiest shades I’ve ever used.

The best part is that the color lasts forever, and there are no frizzes or shine problems.

The shade is a great shade to wear on your neck, which is the part of your head that tends to have the most frizzing, and I love that it’s still shimmery and smooth!

It’s so pretty on my neck and it looks like it will stay that way forever.

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