Platinum Magnetic, Platinium Band, and Metal Metal Metal: A History of Metallica

Platinum Magnetic (or Platinum), Platinum, and Platinum Band are all different words, but they all have a very common origin.The first two are derived from the Latin term for metal.The word platinium is derived from a Greek word meaning “platinum.”So metal metal refers to metal that has a very high electrical conductivity, while platinum metal refers the metal with a […]

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How much is Platinum Debut DLC worth?

The latest news about Platinum DeBUT DLC, released this week, gives some insight into what the game will cost and when it will release.Platinum DeBut, which has been in development for the last few years, was originally announced in February 2017 as a follow-up to Platinum, but the developer has now announced it will instead focus on new content.The game, […]

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