What you need to know about the H100i, the first Apple Watch with an infrared sensor

article The first Apple watch with an IR sensor is the H10i, a new Apple Watch powered by a brand new, highly efficient, high-efficiency, superfast and very light-weight semiconductor.This new Watch has a maximum speed of 10Gbps (gigahertz per second), a new internal processor, a 3D screen and a dual-camera design.The Watch is also waterproof, Bluetooth 4.0 and has a […]

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Which are the best phones from the new HTC M10?

M10S vs M10 Platinum, Black, Silver, Gold, Titanium, Silver M10 S – 7.9 mm thickness – 5.7 mm thickness, 5,6 mm thickness at the rear, 6.7mm thickness at top-end.It’s the only phone from the brand’s new line that we’ll be using here.The M10 Silver has a thinner 5.5 mm thickness and a 4,7 mm rear radius.M10 Titanium has a 5.4 […]

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