MLB’s new drug-testing policy hits hardball in Texas

MLB will start testing players on Thursday, a day after the league announced it would begin using an enhanced, new test for players on the field.The test, which will be administered by the league office, is a more sophisticated, less-invasive way to measure players’ levels of performance.Players will not be tested with the new method.Players can also now test their […]

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NFL: Arowana is ‘not really the same’ as Platinum strain

The NFL is taking the unusual step of banning players from using the Diamond Pearl Platinum strain because it is not really the “same” as Platinum, according to a source with knowledge of the league’s plans.The Diamond Pearl strain, which is being phased out by the NFL, is designed to be the only strain in which the player does not […]

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Why you should get platinum and not gold coins, if you’re playing Pokemon Platinum

You don’t need to be a Platinum player to enjoy Pokemon Platinum.The game is a great entry point to the Pokemon world, and if you don’t have a Gold, Silver, or Crystal, you’ll enjoy everything else the game has to offer.If you don, then Platinum is worth your time.The only way to get Platinum coins is through trading, and you […]

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