Why you need to get the platinum realtor

What’s the platinum market for?How much are you willing to pay for an apartment?How does a platinum realtors salary compare to the average Manhattan realtor?That’s the question that was posed to a lot of people in an article titled “How Much Is Your Platinum Worth?”Platinum realtor Steve Janssen is one of them.In his opinion, there is no better realtor than […]

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Which companies can you buy with platinum real estate?

Platinum real estate is a growing asset class that is increasingly being used to buy homes, office buildings and retail spaces.According to the most recent report from Trulia, platinum realtor shares rose more than 60% in 2017, outpacing the S&P 500 index.The growth in the market is not limited to platinum.The market for the luxury luxury and art-inspired real estate […]

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When Jojo Star Returns to the TV Series – Axios

Jojo stars in the TV series series “Platinum Property Management,” which airs on ABC in 2018.The series stars JoJo as a man who buys properties from the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Steve Martin, and later finds himself working with their former partners, Joel and Marceline Rose, who have taken on the role of the Rosebuds.JoJo stars in “Placete,” which […]

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