The hair color cascade platinum pod is the latest in a series of new hair color innovations.

Photo: Getty Images The platinum blonde was introduced in 2016 and the next hair color is cascading, which was unveiled in 2017.

A cascade platinum is the next in a line of new hairstyles, which includes the cascading red, cascading blue, cascouring pink, cascoring blue and cascade blue, as well as the cascaded gold.

The new hair colors have been dubbed “the next big thing”.

The cascade platinum was launched in 2016.

Photo by: Supplied”You can have the cascades and the cascade platinum, but if you have a cascade platinum that is the hair color of tomorrow, it will have a life of it’s own,” said the founder of Cascade Hair Products, David Miller.

“You can go to your local beauty supply store and see the cascade, and it will be there.”

A cascade hair is a short, straight, unbrushed ponytail with a large, short, brushed side, with a narrow fringe.

Photo credit: Cascade Hair Pods Mr Miller said the cascade hair was the “next big thing” because it was an option for people who want a more natural hair color but weren’t sure how to achieve it.

He said people who wanted to achieve a cascade hair without going straight had the option of a “straight comb”, a comb that had a “flat tip”, which was also referred to as a bob.

“I think the cascade is the natural, un-brushed, straight-cut hair color that is so natural,” he said.

“It’s the color that people want and I think it’s a natural choice for the hair industry.”

There are a lot of things to be considered.

It depends on what you are looking for.

If you are trying to go for a really long look, and you’re going to wear it a lot, you might have to go with a comb with a flat tip.

“The new cascade hair has been a hot topic of conversation in the beauty industry, with more and more people choosing it for its natural look.

It has been used in products such as brow powders, hair waxes and lip glosses.

A lot of people love the cascade and the platinum hair can be bought for under $20 online, though it will cost around $700 to $800 on the street.

“The beauty industry is always looking for ways to improve the hair and so the cascade really does look different.””

We know that the hair can look different, but there are no real limitations on what can be done,” Mr Miller added.

“The beauty industry is always looking for ways to improve the hair and so the cascade really does look different.”

When people come to the salon to see me, they’ll probably go with the straight comb because the cascade looks really nice.

“One of the newest hair color trends in the industry is the cascade green.

It is a lighter shade of platinum hair that has been designed to be worn with either a straight comb or with a bob hairstyle.

Photo source: Cascade hair products It is not a very natural hair, but the cascade greens can be worn as a short straight hair with a bang or to give a dramatic look.

The cascade green hair can also be dyed. “

In Australia, the cascaders are a trend because people want more natural-looking hair,” Mr Wilson said.

The cascade green hair can also be dyed.

“A lot of times people don’t know what to do with the hair.

It can be dyed or it can be brushed into a more traditional hairstyle,” Mr Bell said.

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