Toyota Motor Corp. is spending $24 million to begin building a prototype for its new GT-Ferrari racing car at Mazda International Raceway, where it is expected to make its debut in 2017.

The company’s first-generation GT-Rs were built in a factory in Japan and were not sold commercially until 2015.

The $1.9 billion project is being led by Toyota’s production line, which has built two prototypes of the Japanese sports car since the mid-2000s.

The team will have to test the prototype at a track, which could be a test track or an actual racetrack.

The GT-E, GT-T and GT-Pro models were built by Honda, but Toyota wants to build a GT-Renault-powered prototype for the Japanese market.

Toyota plans to test and sell the prototype next year, after the company finishes building the Laguna, Calif., plant.

Toyota officials have said they hope to have the vehicle ready to roll off the assembly line by the end of the year.

The factory in Kobe, Japan, will be the GT-Laguna-designed factory where the first-gen models were made, and where the Japanese GT-S was built.

It will be a “special place” for Toyota and its engineers to make the prototype, said Toyota spokesman Peter Thomas.

“The GT-M, GT, and GTE are built to the highest standards,” he said.

“They have a long history in Japanese cars, and they are a high-performance vehicle for the global market.

They are the perfect model for the GT series.”

The GT prototypes have been on show in the United States since 2006 and have been sold through Japanese dealerships in the states of California and Michigan.

The Japanese company says it is working on an electric version of the car, which would run on gasoline, diesel or natural gas.

The goal is to offer an all-electric sports car that can be driven on the street or track.

The prototype is being built for the Tokyo Motor Show.

It was originally scheduled to be unveiled in 2019, but it has been delayed in the meantime.

Toyota had hoped to unveil the first prototype by the summer of 2020.

The first GT-Class prototype debuted in 2013 and has been sold in Japan through dealerships, but the company delayed the production of the second model and only produced about 2,000 cars last year.

Toyota said last year that it was working on a plug-in hybrid GT-X.

The 2018 GT-G model is being developed as an allelectric sports coupe, but there has been no official announcement.

The new model has been scheduled to debut next year.

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