Jojo stars in the TV series series “Platinum Property Management,” which airs on ABC in 2018.

The series stars JoJo as a man who buys properties from the likes of Jimmy Kimmel and Steve Martin, and later finds himself working with their former partners, Joel and Marceline Rose, who have taken on the role of the Rosebuds.

JoJo stars in “Placete,” which stars Jojo and Kate Winslet in 2018 and 2020.

The drama stars Joao Márquez and Fernando Machado as a pair of brothers who try to save their sister, who has been kidnapped and taken to an island paradise, but soon find themselves fighting against their own personal demons and the forces of the law.

In the 2019 TV movie “The Return,” JoJo returns to the series, as an unlikely hero who tries to stop his father from becoming a drug lord and has to make an incredible journey across Mexico.

The series also stars Jessica Chastain and Javier Bardem.

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