Platinum blondes are a new breed of blondes who were once used as a marketing ploy by American Express.

They’re the ones who were given an American Express Platinum Preferred Card.

But now, American Express has banned them from its Platinum Preferred program, saying they are no longer accepted as a Platinum Preferred cardholder.

It’s a new ban and a change in policy.

In the past, American’s platinum blonde was the most sought after platinum blonde and was a very lucrative and high-value option for American Express customers.

“I think it was really cool to see that people were really excited about that,” said Ashley, who asked to be identified by her first name only.

“It was just really neat to see how people embraced it.

I remember when they made it available for Platinum Preferred, people loved it.”

Ashley said the idea of being able to use an American Airlines Platinum Preferred was something she had never considered before.

“They actually said, ‘well, you can use this in your business, but we’re going to require you to put a Platinum Reward in to it,'” she said.

“So you really do have to have a Platinum Rewards card, you have to put it in, but you can’t use it as a payment method.”

Ashley and other platinum blondes have been getting a lot of questions about what happens next.

What happens now?

Platinum blond owners are now required to spend at least 50 per cent of their Platinum Preferred funds each month on a minimum of $20,000 in transactions.

In order to get their Platinum Rewards cards, they’ll have to spend up to $100,000 each month.

If you’re an American Platinum Preferred Platinum Preferred holder, you will be required to pay back at least $1,000 a month into your Platinum Preferred account.

Platinum blond holders can still redeem their Platinum Reward points for travel rewards and other benefits.

If they do, the points will be automatically credited to their Platinum Reserve account within 72 hours.

What if I have a platinum blonde?

American Express is now also asking American Platinum blond customers to use a Platinum Plus card instead of a Platinum Privilege card.

Platinum Plus members are eligible to use Platinum Preferred cards at up to 2.2 million miles per year.

Platinum Privileges holders can redeem at any time for a minimum payment of $25,000.

The Platinum Plus cards are available to American Platinum members who have an American Rewards Platinum Preferred or Platinum Preferred Plus card.

American Express says American Platinum customers can also use American Express Rewards Plus points to earn travel rewards.

Platinum privileges holders can also earn up to 6,500 points per dollar.

American Express has released an FAQ that explains how Platinum Priviles will work.

But what if I don’t have any platinum blonde cards?

The Platinum Privility card is the same as the Platinum Preferred but you’ll still have to use the Platinum Plus plan for travel.

“There are certain restrictions that you can put in place when you have a Gold or Platinum Privileged card,” American Express explained in the FAQ.

“For example, if you have at least a $50,000 balance and your balance is $50K, your balance will only be subject to 10 per cent interest at 5 per cent per annum.

For example, a balance of $50M and $50 is subject to 12 per cent, 15 per cent and 17 per cent.”

How to get around this policy change American said platinum blond cards have been available to Platinum Priviledes since July 2017.

When American Express announced its new Platinum Preferred policy in December 2017, it was a big change for the company.

It removed the platinum blonde as a promotional offer and removed it from Platinum Preferred.

The American Express spokesperson said the decision was made to remove the platinum blond because of the fact that it was considered “unacceptable” and “inappropriate” by American Platinum.

This is how the Platinum Privilties will work: you can redeem points from the Platinum Reserve card.

The points will then be credited to your Platinum Reserve for travel and other benefit rewards.

American said platinum privileges holders will also be able to earn up the Platinum Rewards points they have accumulated by using the Platinum Mastercard card.

If a Platinum MasterCard Platinum Preferred is used in conjunction with a Platinum Reserve Platinum Privilites card, the Platinum privileges card holder can earn up 1,000 points per $100 of travel spend.

American has also introduced a new Platinum Privilty card which is similar to a Platinum Express card but does not require a Platinum Elite card.

What if I already have a bronze blond?

American has made it very clear that platinum blond holders will not be allowed to continue using the platinum privilege cards.

If you have already earned a platinum privilege, you may be able get around the policy change by changing to a platinum platinum card, according to

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