Platinum Realty and its sister company Balayage are going big.

The company is planning to open its first ever store in San Diego, California, which it hopes will become the next major hub for platinum realty, the real estate that is used by the big four real estate agents. 

The store is being named Platinum Real Estate, and it will open at the end of this month in the trendy Sunset Strip district. 

“I am very excited to open this store in a neighborhood that I love, San Diego,” said CEO and co-founder Michael P. Graziani, a real estate agent in San Francisco.

“It is a great opportunity for our clients to have a new home in the heart of the city.” 

The location is just a short walk from one of the world’s most popular bars, The Golden Gate, and will be a natural fit for the burgeoning nightlife scene, said P.J. Blakeslee, a marketing consultant for the San Diego office. 

P.J.’s own bar and restaurant, The Lounge, has a similar name, but it opened in the Mission Bay district and has been popular in recent years. 

In addition to the store, Platinum Real is planning a pop-up store in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood and in Miami. 

 The company’s first retail store will be located in New Delhi, India, and the company is looking to open a second one in Singapore, said Grazi. 

This isn’t the first time that Platinum Real has expanded. 

Graziani said the company had already made deals in the Bay Area with retailers such as Whole Foods and Target. 

While Platinum Real isn’t opening a second store in India, it plans to expand its footprint in the country in the future, he said. 

According to P.G., the company also plans to open stores in Australia and Japan in the coming years.

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