A video has emerged showing Princess Matilda wearing an Earring that she received at the wedding of her parents, which was filmed in a private ceremony in England.

The Princess of Wales has since tweeted a statement to the public expressing her thanks for the earring.

In it she says she is “so happy to be wearing my own earring in public”.

“My parents always told me not to wear my own hair in public, so I’m so happy to wear it in public,” she said in the video.

The video was posted on the official Instagram account of the Queen.

The Queen’s statement The Queen said in a statement: “I have so much to say about this Earring, it’s a beautiful, precious gift from my mother and father to me, and I have been so honoured to wear this earring at such a special occasion.”

The video of Princess Matilde wearing the Earring has gone viral on social media, with some people expressing shock at the royal family’s decision not to give Princess Matildas earrings.

Princess Matilah was a cousin of Prince Harry, and the couple were photographed together at the coronation of Prince George.

The Royal Family has previously said Princess Matilia was born with the disorder.

Princess Beatrice is also believed to have had a similar condition, which is now thought to be inherited from her mother.

The couple were married in London in December.

A royal spokesman said they were not aware of the Earrings being worn by the Princess of England.

A Royal Family spokesperson said: “Princess Matilda and her husband Prince Harry are extremely happy to share this special moment with us in public.”

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