It’s a phenomenon that began back in March when a photo surfaced of a platinum blonde blonde in a fifties-style gown at the 2014 Miss USA pageant.

The photo was shared by the celebrity social media accounts of singer Taylor Swift, actress Gwyneth Paltrow, and even President Donald Trump.

After the photos went viral, the hair trend was called “fringe chic,” and it was trending on Instagram.

Now, platinum blonde beauty brands are taking notice.

The trend has caught the eye of a new generation of beauty brands that are starting to take advantage of the fiftie hair trend and are looking for ways to keep up.

The hair trend has also sparked a new type of fashion industry that is taking place.

According to a report from the Washington Post, the platinum blonde is now gaining more prominence than ever.

And there are many beauty brands out there who are jumping on board. 

“I think people are just so enamored of platinum blonde,” said Lauren Albertson, owner of Eloquence Beauty, which offers platinum blonde haircuts.

“It’s an iconic hairstyle that is so popular, people are obsessed with it.” 

The trend has been gaining traction recently.

For one, there are now a lot of platinum blondes on Instagram with a lot more followers. 

But what about those platinum blonde girls who aren’t the star of their Instagram feed?

Are they just fussy?

Alberitson says yes. 

The hair trend is not limited to the beauty world, and it’s gaining attention in the music world.

Beyonce recently wore platinum blonde during her set at the Grammys. 

Lena Dunham, who is also a platinum blond, also wore platinum blond during her performance on stage during the Grammy Awards.

And on Monday, Jay Z was spotted wearing a platinum brunette wig while performing at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

Are platinum blonde hairstyles trendy yet? 

“People are definitely fussy about it,” said Alberitons owner of ELoquence, Lauren Alberson.

“And we do make it super comfortable, so people are very comfortable in it.”

“People who have platinum blonde are a bit more of a fashion statement, and they’re super popular.

They are definitely trendy, but they’re not super popular yet,” she added.

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