The Uber is on the rise again.

And the ride-sharing company’s top brass is doubling down.

The company has added about 150,000 new drivers, and CEO Travis Kalanick says it expects to see more than 600,000 drivers in the United States this year.

And in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Kalanicky also hinted that the company will add another 100,000 to that total this year, but said he expects a more gradual expansion.

The surge in Uber’s growth comes as the company is looking to expand into new markets.

Earlier this year the company introduced a new smartphone app called Uber Plus, which lets users book a ride using their smartphone.

Uber Plus has been downloaded nearly 3.4 million times, according to the company.

Uber also is trying to build its own fleet of self-driving cars.

Last week the company announced that it had signed a deal with General Motors to use a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck to deliver and deliver Uber cars in Detroit.

That deal is set to expire in 2020.

But for now, Uber is focused on its traditional taxi business.

Last year, the company raised $100 million in a Series D round led by Andreessen Horowitz, which also included Uber, Lyft and Lyft Blue.

In total, Uber raised about $1.5 billion.

Kalanik said Uber is not looking to make a big push into the taxi business anytime soon, but the company’s efforts are growing faster than most competitors.

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