Donald Trump has long been considered a top contender for the presidency, but this year has seen a surge in his popularity.

Now that he has the backing of his most loyal supporters, his campaign has begun to make headway.

The GOP front-runner’s campaign is on track to win about 2.5 million votes in 2020.

And he’s winning in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which are heavily Democratic and where the Democratic Party has not yet committed to running a Democrat.

Trump won the popular vote by more than 3 million.

But Trump’s popularity isn’t the only thing keeping him from being the GOP’s nominee.

His campaign is also running into significant logistical challenges.

Trump has been struggling with the issue of “deplorables,” people who voted for President Obama in 2016 and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and who are upset that they were thrown out of the country and denied the right to vote in November.

This year, Trump has found himself in a bind.

While many states have already approved their own forms of ID to ensure that non-citizens can vote, they will be required to follow certain procedures, such as getting a birth certificate, to prove that they are who they say they are.

And many states require voters to present photo identification in order to vote.

“He has not said what he will do about those who voted in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, or other states, and what he intends to do about them if he is elected president,” the conservative blog RedState wrote.

“His response so far has been to tell us that the problem will be fixed, but there is no sign that he will be able to do so, given the number of states where his campaign still has not established voter registration.”

Trump’s campaign has said it is looking into all of the issues.

“We’re not a political party,” Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told ABC News.

“But we’re also not a party that doesn’t have to make policy.

We are the party of the American people.”

Trump himself has said that he would like to see a nationwide voter registration drive to address the issue, but he also has criticized President Obama for not requiring a birth certifcation.

Trump’s transition team did not respond to a request for comment.

It’s not just the problem of the birth certificate issue that Trump is facing.

Trump is also facing criticism for his response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, last month, when he defended a white supremacist rally and blamed counterprotesters for the death of a woman.

Trump also has faced criticism for a series of other controversial comments.

For example, Trump criticized former President Barack Obama for taking his own kids to school, even though he didn’t want to take them.

And his campaign manager, Kellyannet Conway, has been accused of being a “deceitful liar.”

In addition, Trump’s top aides have faced multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, including that they have made unwanted advances toward women and tried to forcibly kiss or grope women.

“Trump has never apologized for anything he said,” Trump’s son, Eric, told the Washington Post earlier this month.

“He’s not sorry for saying the things he said.”

And while Trump has repeatedly denied any sexual misconduct by his campaign staff, his allies have long suggested that he is sexually active.

Trump denied that, and he was also criticized by women who said that they did not feel comfortable coming forward about his alleged sexual misconduct.

Some women said that Trump touched them inappropriately.

At the same time, some women have spoken out about Trump’s alleged inappropriate behavior with them, and they say that the Republican nominee has made his behavior public and has tried to distance himself from his past behavior.

One woman who spoke to the Washington Examiner said that she felt like she was being “outed” and that she feared that she would lose the support of many women if she did not speak out.

And she added that her former husband, who was also a Trump supporter, also said that the candidate was a “bad man.”

It isn’t just the accusations against Trump that have hurt his campaign.

The real estate mogul has also been embroiled in controversies over his personal life, including accusations of child molestation, his use of a private email account, and his use for profit of the Miss Universe pageant in Russia.

The allegations have prompted Trump to defend himself, saying that he “took the words ‘lock her up’ out of context” in a tweet that came out days after he had released a video in which he called the claims “fake news.”

The controversy has also created a new problem for the Trump campaign.

Trump faces a $100 million lawsuit from the New York attorney general over his dealings in Russia, and some of the money is expected to go to the Trump Foundation, which he is now under investigation for.

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