Some of the cards offered in the Delta Platinum cards that Delta is offering for purchase on its own website have been suspended after complaints from customers.

The suspended cards include the Delta Sapphire Preferred, the Delta Delta Delta Blue, Delta Delta Platinum and Delta Delta Sapphire Reserve.

In a statement on the Delta website, Delta said it is investigating the issue and will “take appropriate action.”

It said it would suspend any and all Delta cards that were used for the purpose of making purchases on its website until further notice.

The cardholder complaint has prompted Delta to temporarily suspend Delta’s website.

Delta has previously suspended Delta cards for the same reason for other retailers.

The suspension means Delta is no longer accepting Delta Platinum for purchase at participating retailers, including Chase, American Express, Bank of America, Citi, Capital One and American Express Reserve.

Delta is also no longer selling Delta cards at its participating retailers.

Deals on Delta Platinum have not been canceled.

The suspended cards can still be used at participating Delta retailers, however, as long as the retailer cancels any Delta Platinum purchases.

Delta said in a statement that the suspension is necessary because Delta Platinum is the only way to pay for a trip with a Delta® Visa® card.

Delta is also allowing some customers to use Delta Platinum as their primary source of payments on its credit cards, such as for purchases with Chase or Bank of American.

Delta said the cardholders could still use Delta at participating banks and credit unions.

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